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La Florida Estates Wines from Chile are here!

Earl Kiser and Horacio Vicente Mena - Florida Estates Winery Co-Owner & winemaker Earl Kiser & Sister Winery Viña San Esteban's winemaker Horacio Vicente Mena take a moment at the La Florida Estates Chilean Wine Festival January 25, 2003.

These grapes are grown at our sister winery, Viña San Esteban - Aconcagua Valley, Chile, South America. The vineyard is within 500 yards of the Aconcagua River at the base of the foothills to the Andes.
One of the featured wines will be “The Lost Merlot”

In the mid 1800s, the premier grapes of Europe were transported and planted in the vineyards of Chile. Among these, was a grape from the Bordeaux, many believed combined the very finest qualities of Merlot and the Cabernet Sauvignon. That grape was the Carmenere. Due to the physical similarities of the Carmenere and Merlot, they were often planted together and over the next 100 years the Carmenere became “lost”.

During the last twenty years, as the great Estate vineyards of Chile were being modernized, the Carmenere was rediscovered. Single estate vineyards, including LaFlorida and Paidahuen in the Aconcagua Valley have now been re-established. We are very proud to bring you the wonderful Carmenere - “The Lost Merlot.”

La Florida Estates Wines

La Florida Estates Caberner Sauvingon La Florida Estates Cabernet Sauvignon, 2001 Reserve
Intense color, complexity; blackberry, cherry, chocolate; apparent tannins with almond end taste, will improve and soften for 5-9 years; blended to accentuate varietal grape/ flavors , enhanced overall aromas/taste/perception of sweetness for reduced acidity and astringency...$14.95

La Florida Estates Carmenere La Florida Estates Carmenere, 2002 Proprietor's Reserve
Wine is full bodied, but not heavy in the mouth, with a dark red, rich color, opulent plum and berry flavors, with smoky, earthy overtones (tastes of the vineyards). Obviously young, but rich flavors and lack of astringency, more than compensate for lack of maturity. This wine is blended with an un-oaked cuvee to enhance the fruity characteristics and lighten the “vineyard” character, plus give the olfactory impression of a higher residual sugar. Enjoy now!...$16.95

La Florida Estates Merlot La Florida Estates Merlot, 2000 Special Reserve
Rich with plum, vanilla and cherry flavors with a hint of smokey, coffee accents. Those who enjoy a big Merlot will really like this wine. It is showing the finesse it will certainly acquire in future years. It has lots and lots of the stunning flavors of the Merlot grape...$14.95

La Florida Estates Chardonnay La Florida Estates Chardonnay, 2002 Proprietor's Reserve
Beautiful light straw color with gold overtones. Full bodied and mouth filling with creamy lemon and pear flavors of the ripe fruit with the complex oak, spice, butter, yeasty smoke flavors. This wine also has an almost ethereal flinty, mineral character, reminiscent of the great Chablis...$14.95

La Florida Estates Sauvignon Blanc La Florida Estates Sauvignon Blanc, 2002 Winemakers Selection
A top, premium Sauvignon Blanc with the clean, crispness and aromatics. Big, rich and full with luscious grapefruit, tropical and fig flavors and the herbal/mineral/herbaceous character so often identified with the wines of Sancerre in the Loire Valley. Very clean and bright; almost effervescent. Excellent acid balance with a pleasant and surprisingly long finish...$14.95

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