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First Drop Mother's Milk Shiraz from Barossa

First Drop Mother's Milk Shiraz from Barossa is a unique, full-bodied red wine that has the perfect balance of ripe fruit and spice. It has aromas of blackberries and plums with hints of pepper and licorice. The palate is rich and velvety, with flavors of dark berry fruits, chocolate and sweet oak. Its complexity and depth make it an exciting choice for any occasion.

First Drop Mother's Milk Shiraz from Barossa

What Makes This Wine Popular?

This award-winning Shiraz from Barossa is a true crowd pleaser! Aromas of ripe dark berries and spices fill the nose, while the palate is filled with luscious blackberry, dark cherry and licorice. The full-bodied, velvety texture and hints of sweet vanilla make for a truly decadent experience. But what really sets this wine apart is its balance—it has just enough tannins to give it structure without overpowering the rich fruit flavor. Enjoy this delicious red with your favorite meal or simply savor it on its own—it's sure to be a hit!


A Little Trivia

The winery that makes this wine is owned by two brothers, whose mother is a very passionate advocate for the wine. She can often be seen assisting in the vineyard and helping to select the best grapes for making Mother's Milk Shiraz.


History of This Wine

The First Drop Mother's Milk Shiraz from Barossa is a unique blend of Shiraz grapes sourced from some of the oldest vineyards in the region. The wine was first released in 2006, and has since become a cult favorite among wine lovers. It is made with grapes from three different vineyards, each with its own unique terroir and flavor profile. The oldest vineyard dates back to 1845, while the other two are more recent plantings from the 1980s and 1990s.

The wine is produced by winemaker Matt Gant, who has been making wines in Barossa for over 20 years. He uses traditional winemaking techniques such as open-top fermentation and extended maceration to bring out the best of the fruit flavors. The result is a full-bodied red with intense aromas of dark fruits, spice, and earthy notes.

Notable vintage years include 2009, which was awarded 95 points by Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate; 2010, which was awarded 94 points by James Halliday; 2011, which was awarded 93 points by Wine Spectator; 2012, which was awarded 92 points by Decanter Magazine; and 2013, which was awarded 91 points by Wine Enthusiast Magazine.


What To Serve With This Wine?

This full-bodied red wine pairs well with a variety of dishes. The ripe, juicy fruit flavors in the wine make it an excellent match for grilled meats such as steak, lamb, and pork. It also goes well with rich stews and sauces. The spicy notes in the wine also pair nicely with Mexican or Indian dishes like enchiladas or tikka masala. For a lighter pairing, try it with roasted vegetables or grilled fish.


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