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Bodega Numanthia from Toro

Bodega Numanthia from Toro is a unique and exciting wine that showcases the best of Spain's winemaking traditions. This full-bodied red has intense aromas of blackberry, raspberry, and licorice, with hints of spice and tobacco. On the palate, it is rich and bold with ripe tannins and a long finish. With its deep flavor profile and complexity, Bodega Numanthia from Toro is sure to delight any wine enthusiast.

Bodega Numanthia from Toro

What Makes This Wine Popular?

This wine is like a lightning bolt of flavor in your mouth! With its intense blackberry, plum and spice flavors, Bodega Numanthia from Toro is sure to electrify your taste buds. It's full-bodied and powerful yet balanced and elegant. It has won numerous awards and accolades for its unique character which has made it one of the most sought after wines of Spain. So why not give it a try – you won't be disappointed!


A Little Trivia

Bodega Numanthia from Toro is famous for their creative use of terroir, literally turning the Toro region into a 'living lab' where they experiment with different grape varieties and climates in order to create unique and flavorful wines. In addition, the winery offers fun activities such as horseback riding, guided vineyard tours and barrel tastings!


History of This Wine

Bodega Numanthia is a winery located in the Toro region of Spain. It was founded in 1998 by the Eguren family, who had been producing wine in Rioja for generations. The winery is named after the ancient city of Numancia, which was destroyed by the Romans in 133 BC.

The winery produces a range of red wines from Tempranillo and Tinta de Toro grapes grown on their estate vineyards. Their flagship wine is Termes, a single-vineyard blend of Tempranillo and Tinta de Toro that has become one of Spain's most sought-after wines.

Notable vintage years include 2000, 2004, 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2012. In 2007, Bodega Numanthia won its first international award when it was awarded a gold medal at the International Wine Challenge in London. In 2011, Bodega Numanthia was named "Winery of the Year" at the Decanter World Wine Awards.


What To Serve With This Wine?

Bodega Numanthia from Toro is a full-bodied and powerful red wine, with intense fruit flavors and aromas. It pairs well with a variety of flavorful dishes such as grilled meats, rich stews, and roasted vegetables. For lighter fare, it can be paired with cured meats and hard cheeses. It also goes well with mushroom-based dishes, such as risotto or pasta. For dessert, pair it with dark chocolate or caramelized pears.


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